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Anyone Who Had a Heart

Anyone Who Had a Heart started off as a media project to assist a drama student showcase her skills but quickly evolved into a short film with an original storyline based on fictitious events in Auchtermuchty immediately before, during and after World War 2 and includes actual archive footage taken in the town at this time.

This will be premiered for cast and crew on 28th December 2016 and to the public in 2017. It is intended to submit it to various UK and International Short Film Festivals during 2017.

Making Anyone Who Had a Heart - Facts

  • The film was over one year in planning.
  • We had over 40 productions meetings.
  • We used over 16 lights at 4 different locations
  • We drank over 60 litres of tea/coffee/juice in one weekend shoot!
  • Poor Sandy the solider was slapped 7 times for one shot!
  • We used over 40 different pieces of costume
  • The director said cut 57 times (yes we were counting)
  • We had a Horse, 2 cats and one dog as cast members
  • It actually only rained 3 times over the weekend shoot
  • We used just over a mile of cables
  • It took 3 hours of technical setup and dressing for one 15 second shot             
  • We used at least 200 Kirby grips, and are still counting....

Stills from Anyone Who Had a heart

Peter Does a Recce

Katie with Aimee the Hair Stylist


Katie & Chloe

Bloody Rowan - makeup by Bexx


Battle Scene

Battle Scene

Battle Scene

Battle Scene

Pete the Director

The Soldiers - Rowan & Ruadhán

Lizzie - Continuity

The High Street extras

Gathering for the Scene

Gathering for the Scene

Bernie, Katie & Norton

Puzzled Crew









Shooting the Poppy

War Memorial



In the Forest Hills Hotel

War Memorial



Shooting at the Tearoom



Chloe & Rowan in the Tearoom






Judie Production Assistant


Tearoom extras

Tearoom Extras

Susie & The Jazzateers

Susie & The Jazzateers

Chloe Exits the Tearoom

Chloe Exits the Tearoom

Chloe Exits the Tearoom



They are tough in the Land Girls - Katie

They are tough in the Land Girls - Chloe

They are tough in the Land Girls - Liz

The Land Girls

The Land Girls Directed

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The Land Girls Directed

The Land Girls Directed & Judie

Land Girl Catherine

Land Girls - Fiona & Katie

Judie & Catherine

Catherine on Camera

Land Girl - Liz

Land Girls

The Crew

Land Girls Scene

What's that for?

Katie in costume

Chloe in costume

Katie - Goggled Up



Rowan & Katie


Pitcarlie - The Land Girls

Polly's Feast

It's a Wrap

It's a Wrap

It's a Wrap

The Mob

Fife Voluntary Action’s Awards Auchtermuchty Media Group

Auchtermuchty Media Project has Won Fife Voluntary Action's Super Start-Up Award


click here to find out more



Peter Collecting the Award

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