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The Auchtermuchty Media Project (AMP) was established in March 2015 and initially comprised of young people aged 15 – 21 who were interested in media studies for learning and career development. 



 This has expanded over time to include adults with an interest in the preservation and promotion of local heritage. The Project is a subgroup of the Auchtermuchty Community Trust, a registered Scottish Charity.

The Project is supported by key knowledgeable volunteers including persons with expertise in digital media, photography, performing arts, stage lighting, camera work, make up and a former media studies lecturer.

Our Next Project is in the Planning Stage

Filming of 'On Lomond Ridge' will begin in 2018


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Fife Voluntary Action’s Awards

Auchtermuchty Media Project has Won Fife Voluntary Action's Super Start-Up Award


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Our Next Project


“On Lomond Ridge” is a love letter to the rural Scotland. The setting is the fictional Fife village of Pittenmuir just after World War II. The action takes place during and around an annual New Year’s Day footrace over the rugged Lomond Hills.

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The Calsay - Auchtermuchty

The Calsay - Auchtermuchty

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